Top must have WordPress Plugins

WordPress developers have responded to marketer’s needs with plugins that will support your marketing efforts. These simple plugins pack a powerful punch that will lead to more conversions and shares on your site by making a few simple changes. Take advantage of plugins that expand your online marketing capabilities. Make your website more shareable and capture more data on your audience so you can understand their needs better.

This plugin lets you add three social media share buttons to your website. It allows you to share your posts on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s important to communicate your brand and be a part of your audience’s conversation and Frizzly allows you to do that. You can add share buttons that appear when you hover over images, within your content, or on other areas of your site.

There are shortcodes you can use to add share buttons in the footer and sidebar. The easier it is to share your images, the more likely they are to be shared. The plugin allows you to use your own share icons so you can use your own branding if you want to. You have the option to lightbox your images to show them in full size with share icons.

This plugin supports the sale of digital and physical goods, offers real-time shipping, and accepts numerous payment methods. This is an excellent option for any marketer offering a product, service, digital downloads, or affiliate goods. WooCommerce works excellently with WordPress and allows you to sell anything online. Enter as many product variations as you like. You can even offer bookings and recurring subscriptions.

WooCommerce offers a range of marketing extensions like Receiptful, which allows you to add features like discounts, referrals, and feedback. You can also add social features to your receipts with this plugin. Add cart messages when your customers checkout, create url coupons, and give your customers the ability to checkout on one page.

Editorial Calendar
Schedule all of your content and keep it better organized with Editorial Calendar. This user friendly plugin allows you to more efficiently manage your content and time. You can see all of your content you plan to publish on a calendar that allows you to drag and drop posts. You can quick edit your posts, content, and publishing times. The calendar lets you easily view the status of each post. If you have multiple authors to manage, this is a great tool to use. The layout is pleasing to look at which is a plus.

Yoast SEO
This plugin is an essential tool that many marketers know about but is still worth mentioning. Yoast allows you to easily make all of your content SEO friendly. The plugin adds an additional area on the page that you enter your content where you can add a meta description, title, and other SEO features. The ability to organize the tags from Facebook, Google Analytics, and Twitter is beneficial for marketers.

Yoast SEO is still excellent for its ability to analyze your content in real time and provide you with suggestions to make it better. Optimization is important. You want people to find your business organically and you want to benefit your paid marketing campaigns. Making sure every page is optimized correctly is easier with this tried and true plugin.

This plugin allows you to track the behavior of your visitors so that you are better able to set up conversion opportunities. The plugin provides you with a detailed timeline of the pages your visitor has been on as well as the traffic source and referral link. You can build more powerful campaigns when you know more about your visitors such as the social networks they’re on and the pages they return to.

The plugin finds publicly available information about your contacts such as work history, company info, and location. This way when you reach out to your leads you have more context. When a visitor fills out a form on your site the plugin identifies that person by email and automatically adds them to your contact list. Not only that, you get emailed a link with the visitor’s history every time you get a new contact.

These powerful and robust plugins will help you capture more leads, create more conversions, and gain better search engine visibility. Make it easier for visitors to share the content on your organized editorial calendar. Offer any product or service you like for sale and understand your audience better.